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Unicorn Set (5 Assorted Packs)

Unicorn Set (5 Assorted Packs)

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Unicorn set contains 5 different colors of non-caffeine tisanes. They are Blue Mint, Yellow Serai, Violet Telang, Red Roselle and Green Pandan.



Set of 5 non-caffeine tisanes. Unicorn Set is a gift set for those who loves floral tea.

5 Packs of non-caffeine teas:-

  • 1x Yellow Serai (10 teabags) 
  • 1x Green Pandan (10 teabags) 
  • 1x Violet Telang (10 teabags) 
  • 1x Blue Mint (10 teabags) 
  • 1x Red Roselle (10 teabags)

Packaging: 5 x 10 teabags

5 packs of natural color tisane blend from local Malaysian herbs. Caffeine free.

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