Loose Leaf Tisanes – Purple Dream


This blend contains lavender, butterfly pea flower, black goji berry and hibiscus roselle.  The expected color is purple. The taste is floral, fruity and slightly sour.

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50grams of Purple Dream premium loose leaf tisane in an environment-friendly kraft paper canister.

Purple Dream is a beautiful fusion of Violet Telang with Black goji berry. Butterfly pea flower and Black goji berry turns blue once infused in hot water. This blend overall provides calmness and relaxation in beautiful purple infusion with hibiscus roselle.

Purple Dream can be enjoyed in the evening and prior to bedtime.

Ingredients: Lavender, black goji berry, butterfly pea flower and roselle hibiscus.

Hot Brewing: Infuse 2 teaspoons of blend in 250-350ml of boiling water. Remove tisane leaves from water and enjoy your interesting cup of tea. Time: 5 Min.

Cold Brewing: Yes

Caffeine:   None

Taste notes: Floral, fruity and slight sour.

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