Cacao Husk Tea in Canister



Chocolate husk tea is packed with anti-oxidants and this tea is the super food tisane for you to start the day!

1 canister of Cacao Husk Tea contains 10x teabags of cacao husk.

Cacao Husk Tea is rich with anti oxidant and cacao butter. Excellent to make cold brew and serve as a refreshing drink with rich cacao butter flavour.

Ingredient: 100% Cacao

Ingredient origin: Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Hot Brewing: Use 1 sachet of Cacao Husk Tea is for 250-350ml water. Use water temperature is less than boiling point around 80 degrees Celsius. Time: 5 Min.  Add in sugar or milk to taste.

Cold Brew: Put 1 bag of Cacao Husk Tea into a jug with 1 liter of water. Keep jug in fridge for 2 hours or overnight. Best serve with honey to taste.  Time: 2hours/overnight.

Caffeine:  Yes

Taste notes:  chocolate, buttery


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