Blue Mint – Blue Peppermint Tea


This blend contains mint and butterfly pea flower. The expected color is light blue. The taste is minty.

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10 sachet of Blue Mint tisane in an environment-friendly zip lock pack.

Blue mint is a cooling blend with minty taste notes.

Our butterfly pea flower are locally grown in Penang Island. The peppermint used in this blend is organically certified.

Ingredients: Butterfly pea flower and peppermint.

Hot Brewing: Use 1 sachet of Blue Mint is for 250-350ml water. Use water temperature is less than boiling point around 90 degrees Celsius. Time: 4-5 Min.

Cold Brew: Use 1 sachet of Blue Mint for a 250-400ml of room temperature water. Place one teabag into a water bottle and place into the fridge for brewing. Time: 1-3 hours.

Caffeine:   None

Taste notes: Minty

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