Penang local blended tea by Uncang Tea brings you exotic blends of local tea made in Penang. Our specialties are blending natural colorful teas from flowers and herbs. These beautifully colored teas carries health benefits and fragrances of  100% natural flowers, herbs and spices. Our products are proudly Malaysian.

We are passionate to share our local flavors to every corner of the globe. Hence, we put our minds to work on a product that is luggage and environmentally friendly. Its lightweight packaging has been tested for flights. We simply understands the stress of packing.

Uncang Tea Company is based in Penang, Malaysia. Our company started out by producing hand-blended and hand-packed homemade product to promote Malaysian herbs, spices and flowers. Since then, we have expanded to automated teabags packing in small factory with our same old recipes. We use only paper filter teabags to be environment friendly. Our main focus is to produce high quality food grade souvenirs made from local resources. A souvenir that will shout out our local identity and the best Penang local blended tea.Malaysia is a country rich with natural resources for tea ingredients.

Cameroon highland plantations are famous for producing Malaysian black tea. Malaysia mainly produces black tea and they are mostly for local consumption. While the balance are exported to countries such as the United States, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Singapore and Brunei. The local taste buds prefers strong taste black tea. Penang as well as other states within Malaysia cultivate ingredients such as flowers, herbs and spices. Some of our exotic ingredients are such as nutmeg, lemongrass, pandan, butterfly pea flower and roselle.